Khanyi Mbau’s 15 year old daughter who stays alone in her apartment falls pregnant.

Khanyi Mbau’s 15-year-old daughter who stays alone in her apartment falls pregnant.

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‘Rumors Swirl: Speculations Emerge Regarding Khanyi Mbau’s Daughter’s Pregnancy [Video]’

Lasizwe recently shared a video on social media featuring Khanyi Mbau’s daughter, Khanukani, during a family photoshoot on their weekend getaway. The video has sparked widespread speculation among Twitter users, suggesting that Khanukani might be pregnant.


The rumor mill quickly ignited, with some suggesting that Romeo Medupe could be the potential father of the alleged pregnancy.

In the footage, Khanukani appears uneasy, leading some Twitter users to suspect a potential pregnancy due to her perceived weight gain. Observers noted that she seemed to be hiding her belly with a long shirt. Recently, Khanyi shared on Instagram that her family commemorated the one-year anniversary of her father’s passing, with well-wishers expressing love and support.


Defenders of Khanyi Mbau’s daughter argue that the weight gain may simply be a result of self-consciousness or having indulged in too much food on that particular day. They emphasize that teenagers often grapple with body image issues and assert that she is too young to be pregnant.

Fans of Khanyi Mbau expressed disbelief at the idea of her becoming a grandmother, given that she reportedly gave birth to Khanukani at 16. The suggestion that her daughter might be pregnant at the age of 14 is met with shock and skepticism.


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