Khanyisani Kheswa and Sibonginkosi Tenza reveal they’re dating in real life.


Khanyisani Kheswa and Sibonginkosi Tenza reveal they’re dating in real life.

The stars of eTV’s popular drama series Isitha, Khanyisani Kheswa and Sibonginkosi Tenza, have disclosed that their on-screen chemistry goes beyond television in a plot twist fit for a small screen.

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The actors, who are most recognized for their compelling performances as Mbuso and Nandi, respectively, have revealed that they are actually dating, shocking their fan bases and igniting a frenzy of interest among viewers.

The characters played by Sibonginkosi Tenza and Khanyisani Kheswa on Isitha have long been entangled in dramatic plots, enthralling viewers with their compelling chemistry and powerful performances. Fans were caught off guard, though, when reports surfaced that the two were developing an off-screen romance.


Now that Khanyisani and Sibonginkosi have officially accepted their real-life romance and disclosed that they started dating in January 2024, the rumors may be fully put to rest. Fans of the show, who have been rooting for the couple and anxiously anticipating word of their off-screen romance, are ecstatic to hear the news.

For Khanyisani and Sibonginkosi, their relationship blossomed amidst the hustle and bustle of the television industry, forging a bond that transcends the scripted dramas of their on-screen personas. Despite the demands of their careers, the couple has found solace and companionship in each other’s company, navigating the highs and lows of life in the spotlight together.

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The revelation of their real-life romance adds an exciting new dimension to the narrative of *Isitha*, blurring the lines between fiction and reality and deepening the connection between fans and the show. As viewers continue to tune in to witness the unfolding drama on-screen, they can now also celebrate the love story blossoming behind the scenes.

Fans of Isitha are excited about what lies ahead for the cherished couple, both on and off screen, as Khanyisani Kheswa and Sibonginkosi Tenza start this new chapter of their lives together. Both on and off film, their real-world romance serves as a charming reminder of the power of love and the unexpected flips and turns life may take.


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