Khaya Dladla talks about his engagement with Buthelezi


Khaya Dladla talks about his engagement with Buthelezi


Khaya Dladla was once seen on Instagram boo’ed up and in love, but that moment is now a distant memory.


In “Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM,” Khaya Dladla was open about why he didn’t have a happily ever after.image 28 e1694402957885

Dladla was open about his friendship with KZN millionaire Mercutio Buthelezi.


Their coupling, according to Khaya, was like pouring into a cup with numerous holes.

To everyone’s amazement, Khaya made his relationship with KZN billionaire Mercutio Buthelezi highly public, despite having never previously made any other relationship public before.

The ex-couple gave ‘Instagoals’ with their adorable getaways, coordinated clothing, and stunning engagement in October 2020.

Khaya Dladla stated that he was aiming to build a person and character that didn’t already exist.

According to Sunday World, the couple began to drift apart, and distance became a factor. Khaya said he was ignorant that some of them were involved in a show-like relationship.

He wanted to keep the many red flags hidden because of the disparity between the relationship Khaya thought he was in and the reality of the situation.

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Despite knowing how many there were, Khaya was curious as to how many of them were participating in that connection. “I even lost count,” Khaya hinted to adultery.

Blogger Musa Khawula exposed the dirty laundry of Khaya Dladla, claiming that they had stolen Mercucio from a friend named Smiley because they believed Mercutio had money while they were poor.

Mercutio Buthelezi proposed in October 2020, and Khaya said yes! The pair got engaged at the Ocean Reef Hotel in KwaZulu-Natal.

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Mercutio proposed to his fiancée in front of their closest friends and family at a lavish surprise engagement party.

Khaya, who was ecstatic, shared the news on social media, along with a photo of himself and his girlfriend sporting a beautiful ring.


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