Kwanda Manyathi speaks on joining Smoke & Mirrors.


Kwanda Manyathi speaks on joining Smoke & Mirrors.

Kwanda Manyathi, a young actor who is most known for his role as Velaphi on Isitha, is now one of the most talented actors in the entertainment sector. He is creating waves in the television industry with his recent achievements, and he is one of the most talented actors in the industry. Some sources claim that the actor is going to join Smoke and Mirrors, but this is not true.

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Velaphi’s exceptional talent and unwavering dedication have certainly caught the attention of many. His knack for breathing life into characters with genuine depth has secured him a distinctive position in the cutthroat realm of telenovelas. In “Isitha-The Enemy,” Velaphi has masterfully crafted a character whose tumultuous journey of betrayal and redemption has captivated viewers, leaving them on the edge of their seats. His performance has garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying his reputation as a formidable presence on screen.

Bloggers have been buzzing with reports that Kwanda Manyathi is all set to join the cast of Smoke and Mirrors, playing the role of Mpendulo’s relative. It’s quite an interesting development, isn’t it? Nevertheless, the actor has quickly brushed aside these baseless rumours.



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Kwanda Manyathi has expressed his desire to grace the big screens, and considers being on Isitha as one of his significant accomplishments thus far. The talented actor sets the record straight regarding his involvement with Smoke and Mirrors, stating that he will not be joining the show.

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Kwanda Manyathi’s remarkable journey of breaking new ground and setting high standards serves as a true inspiration to aspiring actors. His impressive accomplishments in “Isitha—The Enemy” and other television shows signal the start of a bright and promising career.


Get ready for the excitement as Isitha: The Enemy, one of South Africa’s beloved drama series, finally unveils Season Two after much anticipation. Brace yourself for the thrilling ride! After its first season knocked it out of the park, get ready for another round of captivating storytelling and unforgettable characters that will keep audiences hooked.

Season Two of Isitha: The Enemy is set to bring even more drama, intrigue, and emotional turmoil, ensuring that fans will be captivated by the high-quality storytelling they’ve grown accustomed to.


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