Lady Du’s aim to employ 100 people in her business in 2024


Lady Du’s aim to employ 100 people in her business in 2024

Amapiano vocalist Lady Du is making big moves in the entrepreneur space, as she opened up about her vision for the year, as regards her beauty business. The South African vocalist officially ventured into the beauty industry in 2023; she opened a salon and it’s growing.

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Weeks ago, she revealed that she is building her second franchise; she gave an update on Instagram this weekend.

Lady Du said she aims to employ 100 people into her business this year.


My goal for this year is to have 100 employees. I’m currently on 32!!! Building my second franchise in Vosloorus. I build salons from scratch, I own the properties, so my employees earn a lot,” she wrote.

Lady Du is excited about giving opportunities to other people, and there are important features she looks out for before employing a staff.

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I hire my staff based on their character and the skill they have. we are living in a country where opportunities are not given to people who have the potential of being great at something just because they are not “qualified” Not everyone comes from the same background. I’ve trained 8 of my employees, if I were to post their before and after pictures you’d be shocked. I learned that to have loyal people in your business is to look after them financially, mentally, emotionally!!!!

The star also talked about how she’s been taking good care of her employees.

I pay transport for my staff, buy them gifts on their birthdays, we have mental health meetings, donations for funerals should one lose someone, look after each other. We’ve created a healthy working environment. I wish it for every business!!!! Look after your staff, trust me you’ll never work a day in your life!!! They’ll do anything you require because they feel safe.”


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