Lasizwe and Natasha are back like they never left

Lasizwe and Natasha are back like they never left

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Lasizwe and Natasha reconciled at a Duma Collective event, ending their social media feud that began in 2021.

Lasizwe and Natasha recently patched things up at a swanky Duma Collective event, putting an end to their social media cold war that started in 2021. The celeb duo, who unfollowed each other post-fallout, surprised everyone with their newfound camaraderie.


Lasizwe spilled the tea on his Instagram stories, sharing a pic and video of them busting moves together. He dropped a hint in the caption, saying, “At the end, we’ll gravitate towards each other again if it’s meant to be… maybe this is the sign.” Fans have gone wild with speculation.

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Natasha also jumped in with a sweet post on her Instagram stories, “Love you Lasizwe,” marking a U-turn from the public drama they’d been through. Back in 2021, Natasha spilled the beans on their fallout during a “Podcast and Chill” chat, pointing out her beef with Lasizwe going public on his YouTube show.

In her interview with MacG, she expressed her displeasure with how Lasizwe decided to make her fallout with Ntando Duma as he made it public knowledge on one of his YouTube shows.

This was after MacG asked for the gist on what was happening between her and Lasizwe.

“I’m enjoying my silence. He decided to say whatever he wanted to say. He can carry on,” she stated


“One thing people need to learn from my situation with Lasizwe is when people grow out of each other’s seasons, it’s OK. My thing was you need to figure out if we’re industry friends or genuine friends. Lasizwe stayed in my life and it was great. We were good friends. If we have to grow apart that’s OK, but let’s keep respecting each other,” she said in the same Podcast and Chill interview.WhatsApp Image 2024 01 24 at 00.47.23 6fe0a937

Fast forward to now, Natasha emphasised the ebb and flow of friendships, rightly saying before that it’s okay if people grow out of each other’s seasons. Whether they’re industry pals or genuine friends, the key is respecting each other. Despite the past drama, Natasha made it clear she’s still cool with Lasizwe.

Their reunion at the Duma Collective event put the rumours to rest, showing that even in the glam world, friendships can survive and evolve. Lasizwe and Natasha prove that in the spotlight, a sprinkle of respect and understanding keeps the bond going strong.

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