Last laugh? Durban comedian scores top spot in elections results


Last laugh? Durban comedian scores top spot in elections results

‘Biggest mistake was to underestimate me’, Durban comedian Thanasagren Moodley or ‘Karou Charou’ said of his shock KZN voter election results.

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Durban comedian Thanasagren Moodley – also known as “Karou Charou,” TR Moodley, and KC Moodley – is laughing in the face of his critics after emerging in the Top 10 political parties in the Kwaulu-Natal election results.

The independent candidate received over 12,000 votes, earning a spot in the seventh place on the leaderboard.


On Saturday evening, authorities revealed that the province had completed its vote count.

Topping the polls is the uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Party, led by former president Jacob Zuma.


According to eNCA, KZN had completed 100% of its vote counts as of Saturday, 1 June.

Clinching the Top 3 positions in the election results were the following political parties.

  • MK – 44.9%
  • IFP – 18.28%
  • ANC – 17.22%

Surprisingly, Durban comedian Thanasagren Moodley appeared in seventh place with over 12,000 votes. In a TikTok video, Moodley boasted that he had “defied all odds, silenced the critics and detractors, and instilled a sense of pride and achievement in his supporters and community.”

He continued: “I have surpassed established political parties such as the ACDP, Action SA, Patriotic Alliance, etc.”

Despite the unlikely achievement in the election results, Moodley claimed that the votes would not get him a seat in the KZN legislature, as he had campaigned for.

He added sarcastically: “That’s because the charous of Chatsworth and Phoenix voted empathetically for the party they complained bitterly about. They have now lost the right to complain about the said party”.


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Labeling himself as a “political force to be reckoned with” and the “new tiger in town,” Thanasagren Moodley revealed his ambitions to start the party “National Indian Congress.”

He said, “This party will challenge the 2026 local government elections. We will capture the wards and get more seats in the city council. The more seats we have, the more power we have to affect the change that we so justly need.

“Then we will challenge the 2029 national and provincial elections”.

He defiantly added: “Your biggest mistake will be to underestimate me.”

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Who is Thanasagren “TR” Moodley, and what does he stand for?

“Karou Charou” is a comedian and community activist.

He has a proudly pro-Indian agenda.

He started his election campaign in April.

According to The Witness, he grew up in Chatsworth and has a “heart for the community.”

He has seemingly filled a void left by the Minority Front, who pulled out of the political race due to financial constraints.


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