Leon Schuster death news


Leon Schuster death news

Leon Schuster Slams Death Hoax, Reassures Fans of His Wellbeing

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In the face of increasing false celebrity death claims, popular comedian and filmmaker Leon Schuster has taken a firm stance against the recent death hoax about him. Schuster, beloved for his comedic talents and prank films, recently clarified his health status after becoming the target of yet another fake death rumor.


Health Update

Schuster revealed in an interview with TshisaLIVE that he had recently undergone two back surgeries and is scheduled for more procedures to address other health issues. Despite his health challenges, he emphasized that he is very much alive and recovering.

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Addressing the Rumors

To quell the false reports, Schuster took to his Facebook timeline to directly address his fans and the public:

“I hear I’m dead again. What crazy head posts stuff like this? I will kick him there where he will never be able to have children again. It’s not nice when your people call you and say ‘I’m so happy to hear your voice.’ I’m a Cheetah, a cat, and this is the sixth time this has happened. Luckily a cat has nine lives, so at least I have three left!”

He continued by expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support and concern from his fans:

“Thank you for your enquiries and for your concern and love — these are true friends. Your love is etched on the table of my heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and Thank you Dear Jesus that my life is in Your hands!”

A Humorous Rebuttal

In true Schuster style, he shared a light-hearted video alongside fellow actor and friend Alfred Ntombela. The duo humorously reacted to the death hoax, reaffirming their liveliness:

“I’m sick and tired of hearing over social media saying we are dead. I will let our fans know. Please tell your friends or whoever is next to you we are not dead,” Schuster said.

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This statement aims to reassure Leon Schuster’s fans and the public that he is alive and in good spirits despite ongoing health issues and to condemn the spread of false information regarding his death.


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