Lesedi Molapisi, Botswana dru*g smuggler, sentenced to death.


Lesedi Molapisi, Botswana dru*g smuggler, sentenced to death.

Lesedi Molapisi, a woman from Botswana, has unfortunately been sentenced to death for her involvement in smuggling hero!n dru*gs into Bangladesh in 2022.



The entertainment blogger @PhilMphela hilariously broke the news of Lesedi Molapisi’s death sentence on X. Surprisingly, on Monday, May 27th, Judge Md. Aminul Islam dropped a bombshell by announcing her death sentence in Bangladesh.

“Sad news is coming from our neighbour, Botswana.President Mokgweetsi Masisi has confirmed that Lesedi Molapisi, a Botswana national who was arrested for dru.g trafficking in Bangladesh in 2022, has been sentenced to death,” @PhilMphela revealed.


The government of Bangladesh has a zero-tolerance attitude on the ilIegal traff!cking of dru.gs. Individuals who are found to be guilty of illegally cultivating, producing, transporting, exporting, or importing heroin, c0caine, or narcotics that are derivatives of c0caine in quantities that are greater than 25 grammes or millilitres are condemned to death.

The fact that Lesedi Molapisi has the ability to appeal her death sentence was disclosed by Setlhomo, a person with intimate ties to the case. However, he stated that her odds of successfully appealing her conviction are extremely low, and it is quite probable that she will continue to be put on death row for the foreseeable future.

On January 23, 2022, Lesedi Molapisi, a citizen of Botswana, was taken into custody at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh. The Qatar Airways flight that she had boarded in South Africa had just disembarked, and she had just gotten off the plane.

While Lesedi was unaware of the situation, he arrived at the same time that an alert was issued stating that the Bangladeshi airport was being used as a hub for the importation of illegal drugs.

Although she was travelling via the “Green Channel,” which is a designated lane for passengers who do not have any luggage to declare, she was stopped by the police. During the subsequent investigation of Lesedi’s things, three kilogrammes of her0in that had been concealed within her baggage were discovered.



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