Lethabo Mekoa is proud of her achievements so far.


Lethabo Mekoa is proud of her achievements so far.

Lethabo Mekoa, an actress and aspiring businesswoman, claims that God has heard her prayers.
She claimed that breaking into the entertainment business has always been her goal.

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The actress, 19, claimed she was shocked to receive her big break on Skeem Saam following eight years of fruitless auditions.In the most popular SABC1 soap opera, Lethabo from Ganyesa in the North West portrays Ntswaki.

“I tried for eight years to make it in the industry. During that time, I experienced a lot of rejection.Some people even told me that I couldn’t act and should rather consider a differet career path,” she said.


Lethabo expressed her happiness at God and her ancestors answering her prayers, saying it has always been her ambition to be where she is.The actress told Daily Sun that she loves her role as Ntswaki on the soap opera.

“It has been a tough but fruitful journey where I have learnt how to transition from a character to my own personality. My journey has been nothing short of amazing,” she said.


“My experiences excite me, and I am ready to continue learning my craft. In this industry, I have learnt that it’s important to empathise with others. As an actor or actress, we practically put ourselves in the shoes of our character. And also, to understand the difference between the character and who you really are,” she said.

The actress is adamant that aspiring actors always treat their craft with seriousness. She mentioned that Lethabo is developing her own fragrance brand in addition to being an actress, saying there is much to look forward to from her as a person.

“The most important thing is that they should never take an opportunity for granted. Every little chance that comes their way, they should take it to realise their full potential. There are no big or small opportunities. You never know which day will make the difference for you! So, make the most of every single opportunity,” she said.


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