“Like father like Skomata!” Fans conclude that top actor Kenneth Mashaba is Skomota’s secret father!


“Like father like Skomata!” Fans conclude that top actor Kenneth Mashaba is Skomota’s secret father!

Is Kenneth Mashaba the Secret Father of Mzansi’s New Sensation, Skomota?


In the buzzing realm of Mzansi’s social scene, Skomota, the rising star, is causing quite a stir, not just for his groove prowess but for an unexpected family connection that has netizens in stitches.


It all began when an audacious netizen decided to play the role of genealogy detective, unveiling an uncanny resemblance between the entertainer and none other than veteran actor Seputla Segobodi, famous for his portrayal of Kenneth Mashaba.

In a Twitter revelation that sent shockwaves through the virtual world, user @DMN4ever posted a side-by-side picture collage featuring Skomota and the former Generations: The Legacy star. The caption, dripping with speculative humor, read, “Apparently Kenneth Mashaba is Skomota’s father.” The internet erupted in laughter as the images showcased an undeniable likeness between the two, leaving many users wondering if there was a hidden family tree waiting to be unveiled.


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As the hilarious collage gained traction, some onlookers were so convinced by the striking similarity that they mistook the playful banter for a genuine family revelation. Comments flooded in, with @Mfoka_Mlangeni exclaiming, “Awu the Mashabas, madoda,” and @Mascavici confessing, “Honestly, at this point, Skomota is what most men in SA wish to be.”

However, not everyone was taking the resemblance as gospel truth. @petselectrical issued a cautious warning, “I hope you ain’t gonna get in trouble for this,” while @SisaR1zn calculated, “Kshuth ilo olama uThomas? Kwakyakathen klelikhaya kodwa madoda.”

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Amid the laughter and speculation, one thing is for sure – Skomota’s star continues to rise, and whether he’s truly the offspring of Kenneth Mashaba or not, the internet can’t get enough of this unexpected twist in Mzansi’s entertainment tale. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Mzansi’s Mystery Lineage,” where the truth might just be as entertaining as the fiction.


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