Linda Majola |Biography, profiles and net worth.


Linda Majola |Biography, profiles and net worth.

Linda Majola is a South African actor famous for playing Langa in The Wife. In the show, he portrays a queer man who struggles to find his balance in a world full of homophobes, a role that he owns so well. Who is he in real life?

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Langa has faced prejudice and rejection due of his sexual orientation, and he is determined to gain the respect he deserves. Despite his sincerity on screen, people have been interested about Linda Majola’s sexuality off camera.

Linda was born in 1996 in Bonela, Durban, although he has not publicly disclosed details about his birthday, family, or upbringing. He is 27 years old as of 2023.


Linda has been at crossroads in pursuing his passion for acting and being a chef. He perfected his cooking dexterities at the Durban University of Technology. He also worked as a chef at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton for a stint.

In 2020, he moved back home to open his food truck business called The Humble Café. The café sold mouth-watering dishes like fried chicken and beef. However, he had to close the business in February 2023.

Linda made his acting debut as Langa on The Wife, which catapulted him to stardom. It also allowed him to work on The Wedding Chef, a cooking show he hosts on SABC1. Langa is Hlomu’s twin brother in The Wife, a young man who fights to exist amid homophobes.

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Linda became the newest addition to SABC1’s multi-award-winning TV show, Uzalo, in June 2023. He joined the show as Mzamo Shezi, a self-proclaimed influencer and fashionista.

Majola is delving into comedy in addition to his TV appearances, and the debut of his show, This & That, promises to be unique. His love of comedy, storytelling, and jazz music will also captivate the audience.

Like his acting role in The Wife, Majola suffers from the same life struggles. He is a homosexual struggling to find love in real life.

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Linda Majola is doing incredibly well for someone who is just starting out in their profession. Linda Majola’s net worth is estimated to be R500,000.


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