Lindiwe from Scandal: Where is Nomvelo Makhanya now?


Lindiwe from Scandal: Where is Nomvelo Makhanya now?

Best known for her on-screen character of Lindiwe Ngema on Scandal, where is celebrated actress Nomvelo Makhanya now?

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Nomvelo Makhanya is a South African actress best known for her on-screen character of Lindiwe Ngema on e.tv’s drama series Scandal.

She undoubtedly nailed her on-screen character perfectly, and her unmatched acting flair often made headlines.



Since her dramatic exit from Scandal, she hasn’t starred in big-budget drama series. Nomvelo Makhanya had her shot to fame after joining the star-studded cast of Scandal.

She quickly became one of the lead actors in the drama series, but she was written off in 2022. The actress kissed her on-screen character ten years after joining the drama series as a teenager.

However, against her exit, Nomvelo Makhanya made it known that the working environment was toxic and was praying to leave. She took a swipe at the show and made it known that if she had stayed on social media, she would have killed herself.

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She once posted, “I’ve been praying. I’ve been wanting to leave that place. It was something I had really been praying about, so when it finally happened, it really felt like God was removing me from the toxic environment.”

However, against Nomvelo Makhanya’s post, the drama series rubbished the claims. The production made it known that they were unaware that the workplace had become toxic for the actress.

“As a production, we’ve always communicated an open door policy for all our cast and crew for any matter or situation, whether professional or personal.

“To our knowledge, as a production, we’ve had a great run of ten years with the actor Nomvelo Makhanya, and we appreciate the work she put in on her character as Lindiwe Maseko-Ngema,” said the drama series in a statement.

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In addition, they made it known that writing off characters is always bitter-sweet.

Part of the statement reads, “Ending characters is always bitter-sweet for us as production, especially with an actor like Nomvelo Makhanya, because she grew up in the show, but it also gives us the opportunity for new stories for the future and new opportunities for remaining cast members.”


Did her rants against Scandal lead to a cancel culture? Despite being one of the best star actresses, the actress hasn’t starred in big-budget production since her exit.

She has since spread her wings to DJying. However, she has been cashing in from ambassadorial and endorsement gigs apart from DJing. Nomvelo Makhanya has been active on social media and often posts her priceless moments on her feeds.


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