List of South African actors attacked by fans because of their television roles


List of South African actors attacked by fans because of their television roles

Though we believe the entertainment industry is full of the glitz and glamour we see on our screens, being a celebrity is not always comfortable. Some actors are going through the worst experiences of their lives as they are being harassed because of their television roles.

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Some of the roles portrayed by actors are chosen for them by the producers of the show. Whether the character is good or bad, actors portray it wholeheartedly. However, some bitter fans don’t understand that performing a villain role doesn’t necessarily mean actors behave that way in real life.

1. Nkanyiso Makhanya aka Njeza

Njeza is an actor we all hate to adore; in his role as Njeza in Uzalo, there are times when people hate him because of his character. Viewers recognize Nkanyiso Makhanya as a young star. Njeza was in a relationship with Nosipo on-screen, and he became violent.


Nosipo would frequently protect his violent partner and, for a moment, leave the relationship. Despite her attempts to quit the toxic relationship, she is always drawn back into it, breaking the hearts of fans. According to reports, the actor was attacked by some fans at a local mall; they smacked Njeza and told him to stop harassing Nosipo or they would kill him.

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2. Lerato Marabe aka Pretty

The lovely young actress is well known for portraying Pretty Seakamela on Skeem Saam. She started her acting career as a young teenage girl, and now she is a fully grown woman. When Pretty was still in high school, she mistreated Lesbole, and some fans hated it. She was slapped by a fan while she was hanging out with her friends at a KFC outlet.

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3. Zonke Mchunu aka Imani

Zonke is an actress and dancer well known for her role as Imani Nkosi on Muvhango. Imani portrays a homewrecker role whereby she constantly destroys the marriages of people around her in the name of love. She is also among the actresses who got beaten for their on-screen roles. At first, she snatched her aunt’s husband, Rthumeng, and she stole James from Marang. A bitter fan attacked and injured her eye; fortunately, Zonke was saved by a good Samaritan man. The upset fan warned Zonke to stop destroying people’s marriages for selfish reasons.

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4. Hellen Motsuki aka Melita

Skeem Saam actress Hellen Motsuki, who plays Melita, made headlines when she became Mr. Kgomo’s mistress this season.The talented actress Hellen Motsuki adds that she got attacked several times by Skeem Saam fans because of her popular mistress role, Melita.

Motsuki tells Sowetan that a woman in her 60s attacked her a few weeks ago while she was busy shopping.

“She hit me in the heel with a trolley. When I looked at her, she said, ‘I did it purposely because you are stealing other women’s husbands. I swear if you do that to my husband, I will deal with you.’ It was only then that it hit me that she thought I was Melita.”



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