Londie London spills the tea on her reality tv comeback and housewife drama


Londie London spills the tea on her reality tv comeback and housewife drama

As ‘The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip’ unfolds on screens, musician and businesswoman Londie London steps into the limelight once again, bringing with her a lot of experiences and a candid outlook.

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In an exclusive interview with Showmax, Londie disclosed her motivations for returning to reality TV, her unique perspective on the show and the unexpected twists that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


When asked about her decision to return, Londie shares, “I feel like once you have been in the reality TV space, it is something you can’t get away from. I also came back because I love this concept that highlights the leading ladies of the Housewives franchise and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Expressing her excitement to showcase a different aspect of herself, she elaborates, “People are going to see a different side of me apart from being a housewife and a mom.”


Addressing personal matters with grace and poise, Londie acknowledged the need to address personal topics on the show.

Regarding sensitive topics, Londie stated that she doesn’t like to speak about exes or gossip about other people.

“I do not like talking about exes, I don’t like talking about failed relationships, and I don’t like talking about other people. But if I have to address something that is about me, I will speak on it.”

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Departing Jamaica Londie opens up about her unresolved issues with Nonku, admitting to feeling disappointed by the turn of events.

“I left the island; I had some unresolved issues with Nonku. It left a bitter taste in my mouth. I did not want it to get that far because I understand that this is a show, but I wish it could have ended differently,” adding, “It was not nice. I was disappointed in her because I did not expect her to poke as hard as she did; she just kept getting into my business.”


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