Love blossoms between Nonka and Hawu


Love blossoms between Nonka and Hawu

Has Nonka stumbled upon love on Uzalo, or has love stumbled upon her? Hawu, a village rascal and smooth-talking lad who’s determined to turn over a new leaf, is pursuing her love. He’s made his affection known, and now it’s up to her to respond.

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These two are absolutely adorable together. Working with Nkunzi is quite unfortunate for Hawu, especially considering the ongoing conflict with Nonka. He’ll find himself in quite the predicament, with his true intentions remaining a mystery.

It seems like Nonka has a thing for rebellious types – first Sibonelo, then King K, followed by Kwanda, and now Hawu. It has consistently resulted in a rather unfortunate outcome. Fingers crossed that this is the one, because she definitely deserves to find love.


Once again, Uzalo’s Mbatha is causing mischief. In his misguided pursuit of easy money and chaos, he rallied a crew of individuals to assist him in robbing his former place of worship.

To make matters even more unsettling, they arrived fully equipped with weapons during a Sunday service, leaving everyone in a state of shock. He cunningly absconded with the church equipment, cheekily claiming he wanted to humble the church.

If that’s not taking things too far, I don’t know what is. He’s the perfect example of the Bible verse which says “Money is the route of all evil.” Perhaps it’s not only money he wants but possibly the position he once held in the church, which gave him power and money.

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In the latest episode of House of Zwide, Shoki finds herself in quite a predicament as she becomes the unfortunate victim of a kidnapping. This incident occurred when she attempted to entice Kopano in order to recover the funds he had taken from her husband Nkosi’s family enterprise.

Unfortunately, her plan took an unexpected turn when she teamed up with Nkosi and Nkosi’s stepmum Faith. Now she’s stuck with Kopano, who seems to have an intense fascination with her and has grand plans of whisking her away to Mozambique and some remote island.

She’s taken quite a liking to him all of a sudden, and it seems to be the real deal. Perhaps she’s simply employing a clever strategy to gain his trust and ultimately plot her escape. Furthermore, law enforcement officers are sceptical that she has been abducted. It seems that Nkosi has been informed that he should come to terms with the fact that he has been dumped. Now it’s Nkosi and his family’s responsibility to ensure her safe return. Given their track record, it’s only a matter of time before they make their move.


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