MaCele Mseleku praised for reprimanding Owami and Mawande.


MaCele Mseleku praised for reprimanding Owami and Mawande.

The latest episode of the reality show Uthando Nesithembu aired, leaving many internet users impressed with MaCele for reprimanding her two daughters’ Owami and Mawande, an act many saw as a sign of good parenting skills.

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MaCele is a polygamist Musa Mseleku’s first wife and mother to Lwandle, Abongwe, and Owami. Mawande is Musa’s child with his fourth wife MaNgwabe.


The two girls approached MaCele to complain about their father who bought them cellphones. After gifting them with phones, Owami complained that the new phone was smaller than the one she currently has.

Musa, who had not bought his son with his second wife MaYeni Mnini, anything, as he was going to get a keyboard for his school projects, turned and asked Owami why she doesn’t give the phone to her brother since she has a bigger one.

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After hesitating, Owami gave her brother the new phone. Mnini later shared that he will share his keyboard with his siblings when he receives it.

Asking to speak to MaCele on the side on a family trip, Owami complained that the phone she received was given to Mnini also adding that her brother was still going to get his keyboard. When her mother asked why she was complaining as she has a phone, she responded saying she wanted to keep both phones, asking her mother, “What’s Mnini not having a phone got to do with me.”

An upset MaCele reprimanded the girl saying they were starting trouble, asking her why if she gave her brother the phone with a good heart to which she responded saying no, she gave him unwillingly.

She asked them, “Where do you get such vindictiveness at such young ages. What you are starting is not right and you’d better stop it today.”

Internet users were impressed with the mother of three’s ability to see the trouble the girls were starting commenting:


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