Makhadzi breaks the internet with her broken english


Makhadzi breaks the internet with her broken english

Makhadzi, a multi-award-winning South African musician, has once again dominated social media trends with her terrible English.

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Makhadzi sparked outrage when she made a comment following South Africa’s national football side Bafana Bafana’s loss to Nigeria in the AFCON semi-finals.Taking to her social media platforms, Makhadzi after the match praised the Bafana Bafana football team for trying their best. She wrote;


But they plaid shem. They foght 🫶🫶🫶🥂

Instead of writing, “But they played shame. The Fought”


Netizens found her post quite hilarious. In the comment section, many shared jokes about her English while adding that she was making the pain of losing to Nigeria worse with her broken English.

However, some social media users suggested that Makhadzi should consider hiring a Social Media manager. According to netizens, this would help avoid the mistakes Makhadzi makes on her social media platforms.

@KGMokgalaka; Ah mara Makhadzi,you are making matters worse nwana mukalaha. Tšhivenda would have still come out alright thii🤭

@Myzo Lyza; This is the only dopest English that matters in the world🔥 Aowa ausaka not foght but Ford😂 Actually they plate not plaid🤞🤣

@tj_simende; My favourite artist sometimes the English eish😢😢😢

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All of this is not the first time she has sparked outrage on social media with her terrible English. Last year, Makhadzi made a language error when thanking everyone who purchased tickets to her One Woman Show. Instead of ‘bought’, she used ‘buyed’.




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