Malema claps back at ‘drug use’ over leaking nose


Malema claps back at ‘drug use’ over leaking nose

EFF leader Julius Malema has clapped at claims he is abusing drugs after a video of his leaking nose at a Durban rally went viral…

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Julius Malema has clapped back at “haters” who accused him of abusing drugs after a video of his leaking nose went viral. In the clip, the EFF leader was speaking at the launch of the party’s manifesto in Durban.



But unlike his iconic image on a pedestal with raining confetti in Jozi, Durban offered just rain.

A clip of the outspoken politician with mucus running down his nose quickly had social media users.

Some accused the controversial leader of using “drugs,” while others were concerned over his health.


Clapping back at his “haters,” Malema insisted he was oblivious to what was happening to him due to the heavy rainfall.

He added that his sinus had been triggered, which resulted in his nose leaking.

He tweeted: “Thank you so much for your concern, fellow brothers and sisters; I don’t have flu.

“The heavy wind and rain activated my sinuses, and I thought the rain was running through my face kante I was heavily attacked”.

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The EFF head added: “Otherwise, that’s the only thing haters can point to; all was super dope. Thank you KZN and people of South Africa, history was made.”



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