Mamabolo is alleged to be engaging in damage control following the incident of a ‘fraternal kiss’.


Mamabolo is alleged to be engaging in damage control following the incident of a ‘fraternal kiss’.

‘Go back to kissing comrades,’ an X user told the ANC’s Boy Mamabolo after he suddenly started sharing family pics on his social media.

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A couple of weeks ago, X users were left buzzing this week after a video of ANC member Boy Mamabolo kissing an unknown woman went viral. The video was reportedly taken at the party’s 112th birthday celebrations which took place earlier this month.


After he was blasted as a cheater, he came out to defend himself by saying that it was a kiss between comrades and nothing more. He has also embarked on what many are calling damage control by sharing many photos of his “happy family”.

X users have shared various hilarious reactions to this.


Boy Mamabolo found himself at the top of X trends after he was recorded kissing a woman at the ANC’s birthday celebrations.

In the clip, Mamabolo can be seen kissing the woman — who is dressed in ANC regalia — on the mouth.

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After social media users blasted the politician for cheating, he quickly defended himself.

According to him, it was an innocent kiss between cadres.

“Nope I was not cheating on my wife. She is my cadre and there is nothing wrong with kissing my own comrades. I’m not sleeping with them,” Mamabolo told The Citizen.


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Along with that statement, he has also started sharing multiple family photos on his social media pages.

Many who’ve noticed this, appear to believe that he is simply doing damage control. In response to this, one app user hilariously wrote:

“People have moved on, it’s okay now. Go back to kissing comrades.”





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