Mbalula tries to shift load shedding blame ‘It’s sabotage’


Mbalula tries to shift load shedding blame ‘It’s sabotage’

‘Get your lies in order!’: X users are tearing Fikile Mbalula a new one after he tried to blame sabotage for SA’s stage 6 load shedding.

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2023 was an incredibly difficult year for South Africans who were subjected to long hours of load shedding daily. South Africans were however treated to a couple of weeks without load shedding during the festive season and were hopeful that Minister Fikile Mbalula’s promise to end load shedding by December 2023 was about to come true.

Only a couple of months into the new year and the country is up to stage six with around 12 hours without power.


In what appears to be a desperate attempt to shift the blame for the country’s electricity crisis and the hiring of an electricity minister, Mbalula is now saying that power stations are being sabotaged.


South African households and businesses have all taken a knock due to hours and hours of scheduled power cuts.

Years have gone by and the situation has only worsened despite numerous promises of change by those in power.

During an eNCA interview with JJ Thabane in May last year, Fikile Mbalula shocked many by promising that the ANC would end load shedding.

“Load shedding – before the end of the year – should be a thing of the past.”

When asked if his claim was another empty promise, Fikile said: “I can assure you, load shedding will be reversed, and it will be dealt with decisively.”

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In December 2023, the country was treated to no load shedding for almost two weeks and it appeared almost too good to be true.

On 1 January 2024, load shedding was back with a bang. By February, stage 6 was announced. Needless to say, locals are frustrated.

As the national elections approach, it would appear Mbalula is desperate to convince the country that everything is being done to remedy the situation.

He is now blaming sabotage.

“It is becoming more clear that this load shedding we keep experiencing is sabotage. The government needs to look into this matter urgently and much more closely, then intervene with its full might,” he said.

In the comment section, he faced boat loads of criticism from frustrated X users.


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