‘Mean girl energy’: Mihlali dragged for trying to ‘sabotage’ Rihanna.


‘Mean girl energy’: Mihlali dragged for trying to ‘sabotage’ Rihanna.

Petty? Beauty blogger Mihlali Ndamase has been accused of trying to ‘sabotage’ Rihanna at her Fenty event with this shady post…

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Mihlali Ndamase has been dragged on social media for trying to “outshine” Rihanna in a shady social media post.

The South African influencer was recently invited to a Fenty beauty event by the singer with whom she snapped pictures.


However, the YouTuber is accused of using “mean girl energy” by deliberately trying to portray the Barbadon beauty in an unflattering light.


Last month, Mihlali Ndamase and fellow beauty blogger Linda Mtoba landed invites to the exclusive launch of the Fenty Beauty Soft Lit Glow event in Los Angeles in the US.

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The content creator posted up a storm at the event, including bragging about landing a VIP invite.

Describing her “full circle” moment about meeting Rihanna, she shared: “My journey in the digital space has had its ups and downs, but the moment I even begin to doubt myself, God affirms me every time. Thank you, Father, for consistently making my dreams a reality

“We started in a cottage in Randburg. Now we’re in LA b*tches.”


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However, in another post, Mihlali was accused of throwing shade at the host.

In another picture, the South African posted a photo of Rihanna, of which she was accused of filtering her face but not the latter’s.

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In the comment section, Mihlali liked comments claiming she “looked better” than Rihanna. However, she soon turned the comments off after she was accused of trying to be petty.

On X, the conversation about “mean girl” Mihlali continued…

@Mlungu_Wajehova: “Mihlali did a typical female thing, ‘bringing others down to raise herself’-screaming insecurities.

@SthembiD: “The real issue is how she edited her own pic and left Riri bare, which screamed mean girl energy.”

@Adahh_A: “Liking comments of people saying she’s way prettier than Riri told me everything I need to know bout her.”

One tweep even went as far as comparing professional pics of the duo.


It’s not the first time Mihlali Ndamase has been accused of “sabotaging” another female.

In 2022, the 27-year-old was accused of posting an “unflattering” meme of industry peer Bonang Matheba.

But what followed was a social media storm in which she was accused of “doing Bonang dirty.” Mihlali was also called a “fake friend” by YouTuber Slik Talk in a scathing video.

He said: “I think Mihlali did that on purpose. She wanted to prove to Bonang that she is getting old and her time is moving on.

“Mihlali was like: ‘Is this your queen? The person you look up to? I’m the new chick now.

However, the younger woman claimed it was a misunderstanding.

Responding to a tweep who defended her, the Malakyt founder added: “I’m so tired shame, I even post memes of MYSELF, but because it’s me, there must be more to it.”



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