Menzi Biyela says his Uzalo role helped reunite him with his son.

Menzi Biyela says his Uzalo role helped reunite him with his son.

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Former Uzalo actor Menzi Biyela, who was playing the role of Pastor Sambolo Gwala, said the role he was playing on Uzalo helped him become a better father to his real-life son.

The actor told the Daily Sun that when he joined Uzalo, he was forced to move to Durban, where Uzalo was shot, and has since reunited with his 13-year-old son.

His son Siphosethu Biyela had been living with his mother in Durban and would at times take flights to Johannesburg to meet his father, as his parents are no longer together. So when he got a job in Uzalo, he moved to Durban and had time to meet his son, and that helped him a lot to become a better father.Ezoic

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“My son was staying with his mother when I was still working in Johannesburg. He would sometimes fly to visit me in Joburg. We’re no longer together with his mother but she did a wonderful job in raising him because I notice the respect that he shows.”


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The actor also told the publication that he respects single parents, as raising a child comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Biyela also says he’d hope his son would become a doctor or engineer, but he has to respect his wishes as he also wants to be an artist like him.

He often takes breaks from shooting during the day to fetch his son from school and wakes up before 6 a.m. to make school lunches for him.

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“Yah, it’s a huge challenge that I enjoy though. I just wish all fathers could support their baby mamas in raising their children because doing it alone is no child’s play.”

A few months ago, the actor exited the Uzalo show for other adventures, and he said being on Uzalo as an actor and as family with the cast was a very memorable moment, and I’m grateful I learned a lot and everything there helped me to be a better person.

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