Michael Jackson’s family honours Nomcebo Zikode.


Michael Jackson’s family honours Nomcebo Zikode.

Nomcebo Zikode had the pleasure of spending several weeks with the renowned Jackson Family, creating unforgettable memories, according to Daily Sun.

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She had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful streets of Paris, France, alongside them, and was even bestowed with an honorary medal from the esteemed Michael Jackson Heal the World Foundation.The Grammy-winning Jerusalema hitmaker graciously shared her experiences with Daily Sun.


“At a luncheon with the Jackson Family Foundation, a respected French veteran acknowledged Europe’s recognition of my talent and the global impact of my music. I was honoured with a culture and art medal to formalise my international efforts. In addition, I received a Safe World Peace merit for my philanthropic work through the Nomcebo Zikode Foundation,” Nomcebo said.

In addition to her busy schedule, she made a stop at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France from 14 to 25 May. There, she had the honour of performing at the 10th Global Gift Gala, sharing the stage with the likes of Christina Milian and Eva Longoria.

“The week at Cannes was filled with diverse activities, from sightseeing to performing at La Môme Plage and joining the Jackson Family in a parade. I was awarded several honors and mingled with international celebrities. It was a lot of fun,” she said.

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Nomcebo had the pleasure of staying in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, before venturing off to Cannes. In Cannes, she fully embraced the exquisite French culture, indulged in the finest fashion, savoured delectable cuisine, and even picked up a few charming French phrases along the way.

She couldn’t help but boast about her performance, relishing in the fact that the audience was captivated by her music, even though they couldn’t understand the lyrics. She had the pleasure of meeting Bella Hadid, Eva Longoria, and Christina Milian, who graciously offered their support.

“The parade with the Jackson Family was a significant part of my trip. I have immense respect for Michael Jackson’s music and legacy and being recognised by such an esteemed family is truly humbling,” Nomcebo said.


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