Minnie Dlamini shares insights on the possibility of reconciling with her ex-husband.


Minnie Dlamini shares insights on the possibility of reconciling with her ex-husband.

Minnie Dlamini, a well-known media personality and businesswoman, claims she is fed up with bloggers and rumors that she has rekindled her relationship with her divorced husband, according to Zimoja.

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According to Minnie, there is not a chance that she will reunite with Quinton Jones, her previous husband. She said people should stop believing in rumors spread by bloggers.

“I am not back with that guy and I don’t even know who started this rumour. That chapter is closed and it will never be opened,”


Zimoja confirms that, despite the fact that her divorce is not yet finalised, the sports presenter says she has dumped her double-barrel surname of Dlamini-Jones and gone back to just Dlamini.

“We are still legally married but I have taken back the Dlamini surname. My ID is back to Dlamini.”


The who’s who of politics, sports, and entertainment attended Minnie and Quinton’s 2017 celebrity wedding. In a joint statement, the couple announced their divorce in February 2022.She also opened up about her failed marriage in a n interview on 702 where she said she ignored red flags in her marriage.

Quinton Jones

“I felt like I had to reduce myself in so many ways, and I wasn’t able to live the best version of myself. I feel like a marriage should never be something that clips your wings but should be something that allows you to grow a second pair,” she said.

As part of their divorce settlement, Minnie promised to give Quinton R120 000 in cash for furniture and basic household needs, as well as R360 000 in one-time spousal support toward his housing.
The Savanna and Showmax Laugh Africa Comedy Festival said this month that the Sandton Convention Center would host the Roast of Minnie Dlamini on Friday, April 5. This is Minnie’s first time participating in a comedic roast.

“The roast is about having fun and not taking myself too seriously. I may also get an opportunity to dispel many of the rumours told about me,”


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