Miss Botswana on playing the villain Khumo on Muvhango


Miss Botswana on playing the villain Khumo on Muvhango

Former Miss Botswana on portraying the villain on Muvhango: When a decent lady goes evil.

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It never made sense to her family; her love of the arts and ambition to become a performing artist appeared a little far-fetched. Now, she’s not only a former Miss Botswana, but she’s also on TV screens in millions of households after joining the Muvhango ensemble.

She plays Khumo, a go-getter determined to achieve her goals by fair or foul means. She is also James Motsamai’s long-lost half-sister from his father’s side.This is Seneo Mabengano’s first acting gig.

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When she looks back on her journey, she just wants to laugh because her dreams just seemed too abstract when she was younger.

Now the former Miss Botswana (26) is set to grab all the attention with her role in the SABC 2 drama.

She first auditioned in Gaborone, Botswana, after a post was put up on social media by the Muvhango casting team.

She was one of a smaller number of candidates chosen for a second round of auditions in South Africa. She was pleasantly delighted when she got the call that she had been picked for the job.

“After that audition, I went back home to Botswana hopeful and prayerful. Thankfully a month later, the phone call came, and here we are today; I am playing Khumo on Muvhango,” she says.

When she was young, she wanted to be an actress, but she never thought in her wildest dreams that she would get her break in Muvhango.

She’s had to deal with some hard knocks in life. Seneo lost her mother when she was 13, and she and her brother were brought up by her grandparents and later by her aunt and her husband, whom she considers her parents.

“I was raised in a traditional home, respectful and loving. My grandparents helped mould me into a well-rounded woman. I consider myself lucky to have experienced such an upbringing of rooted culture and having my grandparents contribute to how I was brought up,” she says.

She claims that the move from modelling to acting was easy since she always knew where she was going.

She was always aware that acting comes before modelling. While she is enthusiastic about modelling, she always assumed she got into it because she was tall and met the qualifications.

“Acting is something I find myself passionate about. I dreamed of being where I am today, on the big screen alongside the incredible cast members I’m working with. I consider getting this role on Muvhango as one of my top 3 achievements that stand out, being Miss Botswana falls on that list so does graduating with a distinction on my honours Degree in Digital Film and Television.”

She claims that playing Khumo is difficult.Khumo is a villain, and portraying a villain is always a fun challenge, especially when the character is nothing like you in real life. It’s difficult yet enjoyable, she says Drum.

“I believe that is where real performance begins and that is what drew me to Khumo, I love a challenge. I have always thought that the good guy is what I would gun for, the hero in the story, the most likable.”

“Also keep in mind that I’ve been a beauty queen before, so I am used to being miss goody doody two shoes. Then Khumo happened, the total opposite of what I thought I would want in a character. I walk in somebody else’s shoes and wear their literal skin. I learned to search for parts of myself that are not there. I had to imitate and watch other people perform just to bring Khumo to life.”

She predicts drama, wickedness, and selfishness for the audience. Given Khumo’s narcissism, she will turn MMC inside out for her own enjoyment.

“Expect the most stuck-up and self-absorbed lady who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even at the expense of others on a mission to take over. Khumo will stir the pot. Nobody is safe in her books. She has no love or empathy in her bones and yet when she sets out to get what she wants, she uses pretence as a tool. Will she ever change? Well, I guess you just have to find out,” she says.

Senoe will now work hard to stay on top of her game.

“Talent alone is insufficient. Understanding this idea aided me in navigating life and getting where I needed to go. When you have talent, you don’t stand out from everyone else who has a similar skill unless you use all of the tools stated.


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