‘More tears were shed everyday’: Anele Zondo on her pregnancy


‘More tears were shed everyday’: Anele Zondo on her pregnancy

Former ‘The River’ actress and talented rapper, Anele Zondo announces pregnancy and discusses her music career.

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Musician and former The River actress, Anele Zondo announces EP release date and that she’s having a baby.


The television presenter, rapper and actress Anele Zondo confirms her pregnancy on her Instagram and how it’s changed her life.


IOL reports that Zondo, who is famously known as “Ney The Bae”, released her EP Vuka on Friday, 24 May after confirming pregnancy rumours.

“I knew my whole life would change, I did not know what to do. As soon as I heard my bae’bies’s heartbeat, I knew it was meant to be, this is what I am meant to do,” she wrote.

Zondo also reveals that two months before she found out she was pregnant, she was hell bent on having her own recording studio.

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“My Baes will love this project. I took my time with it, and it has been a labour of love. It’s a celebration of everything they love about me, but I am also sharing a different, more vulnerable side of me they haven’t heard,” she said.


Sunday World reports that the TV personality and rapper Anele Zondo also reveals that she’s put her whole existence into her music.

“More tears were shed everyday because my life is changing. And I also was planning on telling my team but did not know how to. My family supported me from day one. They were like you are getting into your 30s, perfect timing.”

Zondo also says she felt confused because at that moment she was thinking about her career, which has always come first.

“After I had a meeting with some of my team members, they let me know they were 100% behind me in this journey. Only for them to say in a month that they gotta put my music on pause till after the pregnancy. Which left me shook because I was not disabled. At this point my mind and my creativity wants to work.”

She added that her inspiration was from a different source. And she became dedicated to the process of finding her voice.

“To two things that I’m in love with. One the biggest and best blessing that takes human form, a legacy a lifeline. I’m so grateful. My music, I’ve put my entire existence, energy and being into my VUKA EP and in my music. It’s not just about the words but the feeling of awakening,” she wrote on her Instagram.


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