Moshe Ndiki discusses parenting, love, and career. [watch]


Moshe Ndiki discusses parenting, love, and career. [watch]

Moshe Ndiki embraced the joys of parenthood thanks to the invaluable support of his dear friend and surrogate mother, Siphokazi Shandu, who already has a child of her own. According to him, she was truly exceptional.

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His mother, Nomalindi, expressed her delight in her son’s ability to give her grandchildren, despite his sexual orientation.Talking about parenthood, the Mntase presenter said it had taught him that he was more patient than he realised.

‘I don’t want to lie, it’s really exhausting. Emotionally, it’s a roller coaster because one minute you’re looking at these two precious souls with a great deal of love and adoration and, the next minute, they get sick and anxiety kicks in,’ he said


“I can already see a little of their personalities coming through. The one has more of my outgoing personality, but the other one has my more reserved side. I know that using the words ‘me’ and ‘reserved’ in the same sentence doesn’t make sense, but this baby likes to keep to himself,” he laughed.

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The entertainer stars in a reality show called Life with Moshe, where he hilariously spills the beans on the surrogacy process. According to City Press, the show had a dual purpose – not just to entertain, but also to enlighten viewers about the intricacies of surrogacy.
He himself was not raised by his own father, but he has a relationship with him now and says that he felt he was ready to have children of his own. He said he was a natural protector, provider, and nurturer, and that being a present parent was a role he was ready to assume.


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Ndiki made the bold choice to pursue surrogacy while he was still married to musician Phelo Bala in 2020. The couple went their separate ways and eventually ended their marriage in 2022.
According to him, those who are interested in choosing surrogacy should embrace their inner zen because the process does require a bit of time. It had taken him a good three years to find a surrogate mother, but he finally did it. Adding a touch of personal flair, his sperm was introduced to her egg, resulting in the creation of an embryo that found its temporary home at the clinic.


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“There are multiple tests that they conduct. You’re at the doctor every two to three weeks to check whether everything is fine. You also need to get a police clearance, undergo therapy and do psychological evaluation tests. Then you wait for your matter to be heard in court, because a judge needs to rule that you’re fit to be a parent. After that, there’s the surrogate mother’s pregnancy for nine months, which also comes with its own anxiety and requires patience. It’s a lengthy process, but, once it finally happens, it’s worth it,” he explained

Ndiki changed his mind about working too much because he didn’t want to miss his 8-month-old twins’ infancy.

“I was doing acting at the beginning, but I found a way. When it’s time to say: ‘No, I won’t be able to take on this job because it’s going to be too demanding,’ you do. This is time that I want to spend with my kids, especially while they’re still babies. I want to be there for everything and not miss a minute,” he said.


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