Mpho Popps: ‘My stepfather is a white Danish man’

Mpho Popps: ‘My stepfather is a white Danish man’

Comedian Mpho Popps celebrates his parents’ 21st wedding anniversary and reveals how his stepfather and mom became a couple.


TV personality and comedian Mpho Popps Modikoane opens about his stepfather, and how his parents met.


The actor Mpho Popps Modikoane discussed his stepfather on his YouTube channel, Popcorn and Cheese when he and Robot Boii interviewed Langa Mavuso.

“My stepfather is white. He is a white Danish man. How they [him and his mom] met is he was in South Africa setting up a business here. He lived next door to our house.”

“We were neighbours. We were living in Mondeor at the time. I was a teenager when my stepdad came into my life, I was 12, 13 I think.”


“They were setting up a factory in South Africa, cause my stepdad is a chemical engineer. He went to the shops one day and sees this Valentine’s setup.”

“He doesn’t know what’s going on and he asks, and they explain to him what Valentine’s Day is. The Pick n Pay was called Right Value.”

“In Denmark, they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, he bought that stuff for my mom. They were still just neighbours at the time. He was a very good neighbour. They started dating. And he eventually moved into our house,” he says.

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South Africans started questioning Mpho Popps about his stepfather when he shared his parents’ photos on social media on Tuesday, 23 April.

The podcaster who is celebrating his parents’ 21st wedding anniversary says their love story is inspiring.

Modikoane also took to social media in January to celebrate his and his wife Latoyah Mei-Modikoane’s first wedding anniversary.

The comedian tells Sowetan that he cherishes the second chance that he’s been given by his wife Latoya.

“Next month marks a year since we’ve been married and I must say, this has been the best decision of my life. I thank God for this second chance with my family.”

The actor adds that their daughter, Imani has also been the happiest because of the stability.

“My daughter used to get 40% at school but now we’re rolling in the Bs and As. So, this reunion and decision was not only good for us but for her too.”


The Podcast and Chill co-host also discusses his struggles with mental health, personal growth and going sober.

He reveals he stopped drinking alcohol two years ago as he wanted to see how productive he could be without any alcohol.

He first committed to a year and because he had the best year ever, he thought about continuing and had an even better year.


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