Musa Mseleku and Thobile Khumalo are sef to divorce


Musa Mseleku and Thobile Khumalo are sef to divorce

In a turn of events that has left fans and followers in shock, polygamist Musa Mseleku and his wife Thobile Khumalo are set to divorce. The news broke after Musa expressed his desire to add a fifth wife to his family, a decision that Thobile firmly opposed.

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Thobile, who has been one of Musa’s four wives, made it clear that she would leave if Musa proceeded with his plans to marry another woman. Despite her ultimatum, Musa is determined to go ahead with his decision, leading to the unfortunate conclusion of their marriage.


The confirmation of their impending divorce came through a viral tweet that quickly gained traction, sparking widespread discussion and reactions on social media. The tweet read, “Musa Mseleku and Thobile Khumalo are set to divorce after Musa asked to add another wife. Thobile said if he adds one more, she is leaving. Musa wants to add one, so that means they are divorcing.”

Musa Mseleku, known for his polygamous lifestyle, has been open about his desire to expand his family. However, this time his decision has come at a significant personal cost. Thobile’s stance highlights the challenges and complexities inherent in maintaining a polygamous household.


Fans and followers of the Mselekus are divided over the news. While some support Musa’s decision to add another wife, others sympathize with Thobile’s stance, understanding her unwillingness to share her husband with yet another woman.

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As the news continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Musa and Thobile will navigate this difficult period. Their relationship has been a central focus for many who follow their journey, and their separation marks a significant moment in their lives.

For now, all eyes are on the Mselekus, waiting to see how they will move forward and what the future holds for both Musa and Thobile as they part ways.


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