My Brother’s Keeper actor Wiseman Mncube on how becoming a sangoma changed his life.


My Brother’s Keeper actor Wiseman Mncube on how becoming a sangoma changed his life.

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Few people know that acclaimed actor Wiseman Mncube is a sangoma.


The My Brother’s Keeper star surprised many when he disclosed that he accepted his ancestral calling a few years ago. According to ZiMoja, the actor spoke at the fourth Ancestors Day event yesterday in Muldersdrift, West Rand, on Thursday, May 9. Other well-known personalities that attended the ceremony included Mpho Wabadimo (a sangoma) and Mbuso Khoza, an actor, singer, and historian.

Wiseman Mncube opens up about being a sangoma.


Mncube explained that he does not communicate or openly discuss his spiritual calling since it is sacred.

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“It’s a really emotional day for me to reflect on where I’ve come from and where I am now. If my forefathers hadn’t protected and guided me, I wouldn’t be living now. That is why, when individuals congregate to discuss spiritual issues, I will not participate or quarrel. I know who I am and why I’m here. “I respect my ancestors,” he said.

The former Uzalo actor admitted that it was tough for him to accept his role as a sangoma at first.

“I was a young man living my life and never imagined it would happen to me. I rejected and fled, but I couldn’t get away from it and went through initiation,” he explained.

“I got revelations while ephehlweni (at initiation).”

How Accepting His Calling Changed His Life.

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Mncube, noted for his roles in The Wife and Shaka ILembe, said he has accomplished a lot since accepting his gift.

“I was able to construct my mother a house because I followed my ancestors’ advice. I also inherited a house in Johannesburg from my ancestors. But you won’t find me posting about my spirituality, but I know my ancestor is feeding and caring for me. Even performing the part of UShaka is more than a profession; I feel compelled to commemorate those folks.”

Mncube stated that whenever he meets a challenge, he goes to his shrine, speaks with his ancestors, and prays.


Mncube spoke out in 2021 about the stigmas associated with religious practices.

Speaking with TshisaLIVE, he stated, “People are hiding. Muslims appreciate their culture. They don’t hide anything about their culture and aren’t ashamed. Indians, particularly Tamils, have respect. “Indians do it openly and without shame.”I believe that black people are terrified because others believe that elder people utilize witchcraft against them. People will be terrified of you, particularly if you are a sangoma. There are stories that have caused folks reluctant to go out. You’ll be judged. “That is how we were raised growing up.”

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