Nandi to marry Chuma after Khaya’s death? [watch]


Nandi to marry Chuma after Khaya’s death? [watch]

The second season of  Isitha: The Enemy has just started, and the drama from the previous season is actually nothing compared to what is going to happen in this season. Unfortunately, some of the actors will not be returning for this season, including Zamani Mbatha, who plays “Khaya Sokhulu.”

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Meanwhile, tensions are set to escalate as Nandi finds herself locked in a bitter feud with the Sokhulu family. She finds herself at odds with her in-laws as strife about inheritance and family politics worsens. But the excitement doesn’t end there. Season Two promises to bring back beloved characters “Popeye and Spinach” as Bulelani and Stevovo, in a move sure to delight fans who have been eagerly awaiting their comeback.

The enemy of the Sokhulus, Rebecca Mabuza, poisoned all the Sokhulus, except for Velaphi, who currently ensures that his family gets enough help to save their lives since the doctors didn’t want to help them due to medical finances. He decided to hold the hospital staff and patients hostage, forcing the doctor and the nurses to help his family.


Everyone seems to be responding to the treatment; some of them have even gained consciousness, except for Khaya, whose kidney was affected by the poison. Solomzi is determined to donate his kidney to his brother Khaya, but unfortunately, he is going to lose his life right before the operation.

After Khaya’s death, the Sokhulu family will order that Chuma take his late brother’s wife Nandi and make her his wife (ungeno). Ungeno is a traditional custom whereby one has to marry her deceased husband’s brother. However, Nandi has already been taken by the other brother (half brother), Solomzi, whose relationship with Nandi started as a secret, cheating on her husband Khaya with him.

According to teasers, Solomzi is determined to marry Nandi, but the family will be against it. The only person they will suggest as suitable for Nandi is Chuma. The teasers for Monday, May 27, 2024, Episode 21, state that the Sokhulus will finally meet with the Mkhizes to propose Chuma and Nandi’s Ungeno.

Nandi will find herself between a rock and a hard place, and her words will be, “It’s a no for me.” Nandi is definitely not going to allow the marriage to happen; she and Solomzi will fight for their love because they strongly believe that they belong together. Are they?

With Season Two promising even more drama, intrigue, and emotional turmoil, fans can rest assured that Isitha: The Enemy will continue to deliver the high-quality storytelling they have come to expect.


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