Nandipa Khubone’s academic qualifications revealed


Nandipa Khubone’s academic qualifications revealed

She studied in New York – Checkout former Gomora actress Nandipha ‘Sibongile’ Khubone’s academic qualifications.

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South African actress Nandipha Khubone’s academic qualifications revealed. Nandipha has been one of the most promising youngsters since she joined Gomora, playing the Sibongile role in 2020.

On Gomora, Sibongile was a young girl in her late teens who was a student at Gomora High.


She came from a low-income family and struggled to meet her age’s and society’s demanding expectations. In doing so, she started dating older men, got pregnant and failed to finish her studies.

During the last episodes of Gomora, Sibongile became the talk of the show, and she nailed her role so well. With such skills, many fans have asked about her background, family, education, etc.

ortunately, we have managed to get a detailed academic journey for Nandipha and how she became the actress she is today. Nandipha once spoke of how her education helped her nail the Sibongile role, and it showed how learned she is.

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“During my days as a film student, I was told about how hard it is to remove yourself from the character’s body when you fully immerse yourself, and I didn’t expect it until this day,”


According to Briefly, Nanipha Khubone finished her matric with flying colours but did not spend much time in South Africa. In high school, she discovered her passion for acting and started following her dream.

After High School, the talented actress went to New York Academy seeking to develop her acting skills. There, she studied for a degree in Filming, Directing and Producing.


Putting aside her academic qualifications, Nandipha Khubone was born on May 25, 2000, and will celebrate her 24th birthday year. When Nandipha celebrated her 23rd birthday in 2023, she did not share much about her birthday. Nandipha only shared screenshots from her family and friends on her Instagram stories.

Many friends wished her well and, in doing so, revealed something that fans had been looking for. Nandipha Khubone’s age is far from her screen role as Sibongile on Gomora. That slightly differed from her 2022 celebrations, where she threw an expensive party with her friends.


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