Nasty C shows his son for the first time

Nasty C shows his son for the first time

South African rapper Nasty C has finally shown the face of his baby Oliver.

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On 23 January, South African rapper Nasty C finally showed his baby Oliver’s face on Instagram.

Nasty C had been in a longtime relationship with his fiancee, Sammie Heavens, and they came a long way.

The two started dating in High school, and it seemed their relationship was stepping up. In July 2023, Nasty C announced that Sammie was pregnant and had been speaking of his baby’s name as Oliver. He showed that he was a happy man as he started calling himself Oliver’s dad, even before the baby was born.

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“Good morning world! I just dropped “Crazy Crazy” and it got me feeling like a RnB superstar, so here’s 2 photos of me being a normal adult male who takes himself serious for once. – Oliver’s dad,” he wrote,

Since Oliver was born, many fans had been drooling to see him, but Nasty C was against it. Probably, he thought Oliver was still too young to be exposed to the public.


Even though Nasty C did not show his baby’s face, many fans loved the glimpse they saw. They also loved how much he looked drained by parenting, as most of them related. The little boy looked relaxed and happy in his father’s hands when his parents looked funny.

He also shared Sammie’s picture but edited it, looking even more trained than himself. All this seemed to show how much they enjoy parenthood’s challenges.


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After Nasty C shared pictures showing some part of his baby’s face, many fans loved them as a family. They showed them love but also laughed at how much they looked drained.

Ke star leko Moria 🌟 “Imagine figuring out this parenting thing with the girl you dated from high school bro 😔🥹🕯🕯🕯”

Akhile Mncube “What horror movie is this? Is it on Netflix?”

Dineo Zainab Lebese “When the parent is the kid the kid is the parents”

Konke🌟 “Baby Oli is just like “tf this nigga sippin on my drink for”😭 man want his JUICE BACK!!!😂”

Mandisi Mbokazi👑🌹 “This is not the Nasty c I know, I’m getting suspicious, look at this picture 😭😭😭”

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