Nefisa Mkhabela goes against dad’s wishes to follow her dream.


Nefisa Mkhabela goes against dad’s wishes to follow her dream.

Nefisa Mkhabela, a fresh-faced teen sensation, defied her father’s desire for her to pursue a career in law by landing her breakthrough part in House of Zwide.

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All of her hard work has paid off for the 21-year-old newcomer, who has emerged as television’s biggest breakout star.

The e.tv daily drama has been rated gold, with a viewership of 4.24 million and 4.37 million since its premiere, according to data by the Broadcast Research Council of SA.


It comes as no surprise considering how irresistibly charming Mkhabela’s wide-eyed gaze and radiant smile light up the screen before she even opens her mouth to speak. Surely, young girls across the country are recreating her character Onalerona‘s bright-hued hairdos and punk style.

Three years ago, Mkhabela was a grade 12 learner, stressing about writing her matriculation exams in the age of a pandemic.

“It has always been my dream to be in the spotlight, but I never thought that I would be living the reality I am right now. It is one thing to dream, but to achieve one of the biggest dreams you thought would come later in life so early is incredible,” Mkhabela gushes.

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“I was still indecisive about what I wanted to do and study. The main thing I wanted to do was act, but my dad was set on me having a backup plan and something to fall back on. He made it clear I shouldn’t study something in the arts.”

She went to Randburg’s Greenside High School in Gauteng. She excelled in class and outperformed her peers because she was a bright student. The youthful and stunning actress did exceptionally well in cultural studies during high school. She also received a certificate in traditional dance upon graduation. However, the college and program Nefisa is enrolled in are still unknown.

Despite all the dreams of her father for her to do law, she decides to go down the path of becoming a celebrity. Her father is really proud of her, and she is going to shine more. The sky is not the limit.


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