Nefisa Mkhabela speaks on her career and achievements


Nefisa Mkhabela speaks on her career and achievements

Actress Nefisa Mkhabela appeared on DJ Sbu’s YouTube channel, Hustlers’ Corner, for an interview.The House of Zwide actress talked up her acting career, studies, and how she was able to buy her first car and construct her mother’s house before the age of 21.

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“I feel like if you believe in God and yourself, anything is possible. I bought my first car last year when I was twenty, and I managed to build my mom a house when I was nineteen.”
When the 21-year-old actress was still in high school, her career took off. She claimed she had no responsibilities at the time, so she decided to spend the money on her mom’s house.

“So, my salary was just going there. I said build it from scratch,” she added.


Nefisa Mkhabela stated that she landed her first role while in Grade 8. She claimed she got a call from her agency informing her that The Fergusons wanted to cast her in their 13-part series.

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“I was a child, and I didn’t know what was happening. I wasn’t educated about what happens on set. So, for me at the time, it was genuinely just about enjoying the moments I had there.”

“I was just like, Oh, I am here to act, and I am with these legends. I think I was blessed to do that in high school because Onalerona (her House of Zwide character) blew up immediately after I finished high school.”

It is always a great feeling to know you’ve done something that makes your parents proud, and House of Zwide actress Nefisa Mkhabela can attest to that. The TV celebrity urged young people to be focused and grounded, saying that success has no age limit.

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“I didn’t know 10 years ago that I would be in this position. But I feel like if you believe in God and if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.I would advise staying at home and not moving out immediately because it helps to keep you grounded. A lot of the time, you tend to fall under the pressure of society and friends. Dedicate your money to your skills and growing as an individual,” Nefisa said, adding that she is still staying with her father.

Nefisa has had many on social media laud her for her talent, and while she has been able to make a mark in the industry, she hopes to achieve many more milestones in and beyond the borders of Mzansi to make her family proud.


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