New look, new cook? Tito Mboweni’s tweets cause a stir


New look, new cook? Tito Mboweni’s tweets cause a stir

Has Tito Mboweni found a special someone to cook for him and impress with his dressing? Take a look at these tweets…



Tito Mboweni is showing off a new polished image and a look at his culinary offerings, which, surprisingly, appear edible.

The former Minister of Finance has been tweeting up a storm on his popular X account.



In recent days, Tito Mboweni has had his X followers amused with his actions.

This includes purchasing a new pair of shoes, having a haircut and facial grooming, and wearing tailored clothes.

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The prim and proper appearance comes weeks after the former Reserve Bank Governor was ridiculed over his “hobo” appearance in public.

In addition to looking good, Tito also showed off visually appealing food. Over the weekend, Tito – known for his love of tin fish – posted pics of his “five colour” meal, which included chicken curry, rice, and vegetables.

“In challenging and final victory rally times, cooking is great. Long live!”, he tweeted.

A few days earlier, Tito tweeted pics of a marinated chicken, a far cry from his usual unseasoned protein.

“I did not drown the chicken. Looks tasty. We shall see”, he tweeted.


Meanwhile, several X users have accused Tito Mboweni of duping the public into believing his cooking has improved.

@MakiMarish: “Clean kitchen. Perfect meal. And you have started looking good. Please keep her Malume Tito. She is good for you.”

@asiendu: “Who’s cooking for you these days?”

Joining many tweeps was Investigative journalist Redi Tlhabi, who flat-out accused the ex-minister of lying.

She hilariously tweeted: “You didn’t cook that. Here are the clues: 1) You are not into Vegetables. 2) No chunks of tomato, onion, and garlic the size of The Cullinan Diamond. 3) The cooking area is very neat and clean. 4) Main clue: this meal was cooked early in the day. You are into heavy meals at 10 pm”.


Meanwhile, several followers wanted to know is Tito Mboweni is married.

According to IOL, Tito – from Tzaneen – does not have a wife, but does have three children.

One of them is Tumelo Mboweni, who, like his father, also studied at the University of Lesotho.

Tito once clapped back at claims that cooking was a “woman’s job.”

When one follower told him to “find a wife,” he responded: “I don’t get it. Why is cooking associated with me getting a wife? Why do we genderise cooking? I can cook good food. Hayibo!”.


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