Ngizwe Mchunu’s social media life was disrupted by EFF supporters

Ngizwe Mchunu’s social media life was disrupted by EFF supporters

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Mchunu had announced on Monday that he was going to hold his address for his Bhinca Nation on Tuesday at 10:00 am at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban in KwaZulu Natal but he was stopped by heavily armed cops and security officers when he tried to make his way through to the stadium. As if that was not enough, more woes followed Mchunu as a video emerged where it showed what looked like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members barging in his media briefing that was held at a private venue where they took down cameras and tables live on his Facebook Page called Ngizwe Online. Mchunu is seen retaliating by slapping one of the four men who barged into the briefing. Another man can be seen pulling out a machete threatening to hack Mchunu. A source who was attending the briefing at the Onomo Hotel in Durban told ZiMoja that the red berets were lucky Mchunu was not with his people who goes around with him carrying guns. “There was going to be bloodshed as EFF people came in four minibus taxis. This is getting out of hand because those EFF supporters took Ngizwe’s phone away,” the source said. The source further said that another fight broke out outside the hotel. “They had to be separated by security. Those people in four minibus taxis were carrying pangas and machetes. They had been looking for Ngizwe the whole of yesterday,” the source said.


Ngizwe Mchunu opening a case with the police after the incident


This comes just a few weeks after Mchunu issued a formal apology for the remarks, he made towards EFF leader Julius Malema on December 23, 2023. In a video widely shared on social media, Mchunu made what has been labelled tribalistic utterances. Mchunu had said Malema, and the EFF would not come to KZN for their manifesto launch next month as he was the border gate of the province. He said Malema should launch his party manifesto in Limpopo where his ancestors would hear him clearly. “You can only load Shangane people and bring them here, no Zulu person will attend his event at Moses Mabhida stadium, Mchunu said at the time. Early this month Mchunu, made a startling comment when he vowed on his late parents’ graves that EFF leader Malema will never set foot at the Moses Mabhida Stadium during his media briefing that was held at KwaMai Mai in the Johannesburg CBD. Attempts to get comment from Mchunu proved fruitless as his phone rang unanswered and later went to voicemail. Mchunu opened assault case against his attackers with the Durban Central Police Station.

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