Nomfundo Tyhulu: Tragic Victim of Thabo Bester’s Notorious Crimes


Nomfundo Tyhulu: Tragic Victim of Thabo Bester’s Notorious Crimes

The court outburst by Thabo Bester, who was once known as the “Facebook Rapist,” must have been a painful reminder for all his victims, especially the family of his murdered girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu.

Tracking Thabo Bester has revisted the murder of aspiring model Nomfundo Tyhulu

The notorious criminal, along with his alleged accomplice Nandipha Magudumana and seven others, made their appearance in the Free State High Court on Wednesday, 5 June.


The group is facing a laundry list of charges, including assisting Bester’s 2022 prison escape, fraud, corruption, and violating multiple bodies. Quite the lineup, I must say!During his court appearance, Bester couldn’t help but express his concerns about the state of his life and mental well-being.

During the court proceedings, Thabo Bester couldn’t resist the opportunity to express his frustration about the perceived injustice he experienced during his time in prison. The cunning fraudster cunningly asserted that his supposed “human rights have been violated” and that he was apparently being unjustly targeted by “high-ranking officials.”


He said: “I am segregated from everyone for the past 15 months. I have not had access to or contact with any human, and I feel for my mental health. I’m kept in a hole all by myself…My life is in danger.”

Bester couldn’t help but lament his unfortunate predicament of not being able to flaunt his collection of high-end designer clothing, particularly those exquisite pieces from the renowned French fashion house, Louis Vuitton.In a classic move, he deftly deflected responsibility for his daring prison escape. In a rather audacious move, Bester boldly declared that there was absolutely no evidence to support the allegations of his involvement in any criminal activities.

Thomas Thabo Bester aka the Facebook Rapist has allegedly been spotted in public

Who was the woman Thabo Bester murdered?

Thabo Bester’s self-centered actions have brought attention to himself and his personal agenda, but it’s important not to forget the women he harmed during his criminal spree.

Prior to orchestrating elaborate multimillion-rand scams, Bester began his dubious career as the infamous “Facebook Rapist,” pilfering laptops and cellphones while subjecting numerous women he had encountered on the social media platform to sexual assault.

Amidst the chaos, he crossed paths with car saleswoman Nomfundo Tyhulu in January 2011. According to Sowetan, the woman was an aspiring model who sold him a brand-new BMW 1 Series. It so happened that Bester had  been released from jail due to his involvement in some fraudulent activities.


Once Bester and Nomfundo had exchanged their details, they bravely embarked on a long-distance relationship that would span the next few months. In September 2011, Bester extended an invitation to Nomfundo to visit Cape Town, enticing her with the prospect of a professional photoshoot.

GroundUp reported that the couple enjoyed their stay at the luxurious One &Only hotel and later opted for the charming Roman Retreat B&B. In the wee hours of 21 September, Bester delivered a sharp blow to Nomfundo Tyhulu’s chest following a fiery dispute over their relationship status.

Later on, he cleverly secured her hands behind her back using a T-shirt and proceeded to request the password for her laptop, which he cunningly took along with her cellphone.

After leaving her body at the B&B, Thabo Bester decided it was time to have a little adventure and evade the police. Thabo Bester certainly knew how to keep things interesting, using multiple aliases, cell phones, and Facebook accounts to stay one step ahead.


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