‘Not made to disrespect flag’: The Kiffness defends DA ad


‘Not made to disrespect flag’: The Kiffness defends DA ad

Outspoken muso The Kiffness has defended the ‘powerful symbolism’ in the Democratic Alliance (DA) advert depicting a burning SA flag…

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The Kiffness has defended a controversial Democratic Alliance (DA) television advert accused of desecrating the South African national flag.

The opposition party has been condemned by political leaders and the public over the visual depiction seen in the ad.



On Sunday, 5 May, the DA posted their new TV advert on their social media accounts.

In the 30-second clip, an image of the SA flag burns into ashes. A voice narrates: “In this election, for the first time in 30 years, the ANC will lose its majority. But they will do anything to stay in power”.

Venturing into fear-mongering territory, the ad claimed that “Life will only get worse” under “a corrupt coalition between the ANC, the violent EFF, and the Zuma faction.”

The political party added: “This election is about survival.”

The post was captioned: “A strong DA can anchor a new caring government to create more jobs and get things done. Unite to #RescueSA”

Responding to the backlash on Monday, the DA tweeted from its official account: “If you love South Africa and our beautiful flag, unite to #RescueSA on 29 May, and vote DA. Don’t sit back and allow the ANC and EFF to set your and your children’s future on fire!”.


On his X account, The Kiffness – real name David Scott – hailed the DA advert as “powerful.”

He also defended the party’s imagery of a burning South African flag against criticism.

The Cape Town muso responded to former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, who accused the DA of “disrespect and disloyalty” to the flag, which represents democracy.

The Democratic Alliance DA has come under fire for a TV advert depicting the burning of the SA flag

He tweeted: “Thuli…You saw firsthand the destruction of our corrupt leadership, and you were great at your job.

“It’s strange to me how you don’t see the symbolism of the ad. It’s not made to disrespect the flag but to warn against the dangers of voting in another corrupt government.”

He continued: “How is that not clear? Perhaps you are harbouring unconscious rage towards a government that can actually reverse the burning & decay of our country?”


Meanwhile, former DA leader Helen Zille also defended the advert.

She tweeted a clip of her saying: “The alternative to being rescued is dying…This is the message we are trying to get across to South Africa”.


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