Now Musa Mseleku is saying he is regretting marrying her 4th wife who is a nurse.


Now Musa Mseleku is saying he is regretting marrying her 4th wife who is a nurse.

Polygamist Musa Mseleku, renowned for his unscripted TV drama “uThando Nesithembu,” is openly expressing regret over his decision to marry MaGwabe, his fourth wife.

MaCele and Musa Mseleku anniversary uThando Nesthembu

In a candid revelation, Mseleku acknowledges the challenges stemming from MaGwabe’s busy lifestyle as a nurse and a student, coupled with her reluctance to bear children in the near future.


Mseleku, who has highlighted the demands of polygamous life in his TV series, reveals that MaGwabe has explicitly communicated her unpreparedness for motherhood due to her hectic schedule. She suggests that if Mseleku desires more children, he should consider adoption, as she is not ready to conceive.

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Expressing his remorse, Mseleku admits that had he known the difficulties he would face, he would have reconsidered marrying MaGwabe. The weight of convincing her to have children has taken a toll on him, prompting him to contemplate the addition of a fifth wife.


In contrast, Mseleku points out that his first wife, MaKhumalo, is willing and able to bear more children. This contrast in perspectives on expanding the family has led Mseleku to contemplate the introduction of a fifth wife into the dynamic, a decision he is seemingly prepared to make.

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As the intricate dynamics of Mseleku’s polygamous lifestyle play out in the public eye, the challenges of balancing multiple spouses and their individual aspirations come to the forefront, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative of “uThando Nesithembu.”


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