Ntswaki is leaving skeem saam and she will be replaced by a young popular actress.


Ntswaki is leaving skeem saam and she will be replaced by a young popular actress.

Lethabo Mekoa, the beloved actress known for her role as Ntswaki on the popular South African television show “Skeem Saam,” is set to leave the show this June. Lethabo, who has garnered a strong following for her portrayal of Ntswaki, has decided to step away from acting to concentrate on her studies. She is currently pursuing a degree in Law.

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The announcement has been met with both sadness and support from fans who have watched Lethabo bring the character of Ntswaki to life. Her dedication to her education is commendable, and many fans have expressed their admiration for her decision to prioritize her academic goals.


Taking over the role of Ntswaki will be another talented young actress, Zazi Kunene. Zazi is no stranger to the screen and is set to bring her own unique flair to the character. Fans of “Skeem Saam” are eager to see how Zazi will continue the story of Ntswaki and contribute to the show’s dynamic.

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Lethab Mekoa’s departure marks the end of a significant chapter for “Skeem Saam,” but it also opens up new possibilities for both her and the show. As Lethabo embarks on her journey in Law, her contributions to the series will be remembered fondly. Meanwhile, Zazi Kunene’s introduction promises fresh energy and exciting developments for the beloved character of Ntswaki.

“Skeem Saam” has a history of nurturing young talent, and this transition is another example of the show’s commitment to showcasing rising stars. Fans can look forward to seeing how Zazi Kunene steps into the role and continues the legacy of Ntswaki on the show.

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Lethabo Mekoa’s final episodes will air this June, and viewers will undoubtedly tune in to bid farewell to her character. As she steps away to focus on her studies, her fans wish her all the best in her academic pursuits and future endeavors.


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