ohh noo noo! Please pray for Skeem Saam actress Kwezi. See what she is suffering from here


ohh noo noo! Please pray for Skeem Saam actress Kwezi. See what she is suffering from here

Skeem Saam actress Samukele Mkhize has stunned Mzansi. Despite being older, she remains a beloved star known for her exceptional talent. She gained fame for her role as Mabuyi in the now-cancelled drama series Isibaya.

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However, since her exit from the show, she has found success in the role of Khwezi on SABC’s Skeem Saam.

In Skeem Saam, she portrays a cunning and ruthless girlfriend to the ambitious thug Lehasa. The storyline also involves her character claiming that Lehasa is the father of her child, and they are living together as a family.

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Recently, some viewers noticed something unusual about her legs in an episode, with speculations of possible Photoshop use. See the photos and reactions below:

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