Ontiretse Radipabe on managing fame while living with a disability.


Ontiretse Radipabe on managing fame while living with a disability.

In the telenovela Isitha: The Enemy, she portrays Martha, a housekeeper. She also appears in the reality show Giants of the City on Moja LOVE.  Ontiretse Radipabe tells ZiMoja on navigating popularity while she living with a disability.


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Bright, funny, and lively Ontiretse was raised in a variety of places, despite being born in Atteridgeville, Tshwane.


“I moved a lot with my mother. I initially lived in Atteridgeville then we moved to Mpumalanga, Balfour, after that we moved to Limpopo. I did grade eight to ten in Limpopo. In 2022, I moved to Johannesburg to pursue my dream of becoming an actor,” she said.

She has always wanted to be on TV“I started my journey on YOTV and with persistence, I managed to get an acting role on a show called The Black Door on ETV, which later did a spin-off and became Isitha: The Enemy. ” We have finished season 1 and we are starting with season 2. I am loving every moment because being on screen is all I’ve wanted to do.”

The actress revealed that she approaches life with a cheerful attitude rather than viewing it as a challenge.

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“I wouldn’t call them challenges, I would call them learning opportunities. People do not trust that I can do very things mainly because of my disability. Having to prove myself to people and opportunities became a bit of a challenge but it built me to be the person I am today.” Ontiretse said

“Some people would make fun of me or say mean things to me but I used that as a wagon to motivate myself and tell myself that I am also human and I am able, People need to educate themselves about disabilities and how to treat people with disabilities. I am, however, very patient, and I’ve grown to understand that in this world there are different people and that we are all not the same mentally.I am a very happy person and I use my positive energy to drive me and build me to become a better person,” she said

Ontiretse, who is presently in a relationship, took her time to find true love because she was searching for a genuine partner.She intends to expand in the TV industry this year.

“I am in a relationship,Men will always be men. You always have to build trust and it takes time and patience and hope they don’t disappoint you.”

 ” I want to learn more and expose myself to good opportunities behind the scenes. I am very proud to be who I am. I stand for boldness and always using what you have, less complaining,and always turning negative to positive.”


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