Original Caesar ‘Zolisa Xaluva’ returns to Smoke and Mirrors after fans disappointed in the new Caesar.


Original Caesar ‘Zolisa Xaluva’ returns to Smoke and Mirrors after fans disappointed in the new Caesar.

In response to overwhelming support from fans, Etv has announced the return of Zolisa Xaluva to the popular drama series “Smoke and Mirrors.” Xaluva, who played the charismatic character Caesar, was written out of the show, resulting in a significant decline in viewership and a backlash from devoted viewers.

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Viewers of Smoke and Mirrors are disappointed with Hlomla Dandala’s portrayal of Caesar, feeling he doesn’t match up to former actor Zolisa Xaluva.

Viewers were not particularly happy about the recasting of Caesar, Hlomla Dandala said his aim was to deliver as a top performer as he was aware the character was loved by many.In a statement The River actor said:


This is an exciting challenge for me … playing a villainous character such as Caesar will surely bring the best out of me. But, more than anything, I’m excited to be back with the e-family and I look forward to a real joyride as we enter the second season of the show.

Fans quickly expressed their disappointment on social media regarding the new direction of the series. Hlomla Dandala, who took over the role after Xaluva’s departure, struggled to win over audiences, leading to a notable 0.2% drop in the show’s ratings. The overwhelmingly negative response prompted the network to reconsider its decision.

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Smoke and Mirrors production team offered the original Caesar to return, but they are still waiting for his answer. Etv’s decision to bring back Zolisa Xaluva has been met with widespread approval from fans, who are thrilled to see their favorite character return to the screen. This prompt response from the network demonstrates its commitment to delivering quality entertainment that resonates with audiences.

“We couldn’t ignore the passion and dedication of our viewers,” said a spokesperson for Etv. “Zolisa Xaluva has always been a fan-favorite, and we’re excited to welcome him back to ‘Smoke and Mirrors.’ We look forward to bringing back the energy and excitement that made the show so successful.”

Xaluva’s return is expected to shake up the storyline, reigniting the intrigue and drama that captivated viewers from the start. With him back in the role, the show’s creators are confident that the series will regain its momentum and recapture the hearts of its loyal fans.


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