‘Orlando Pirates fan’: South Africans Mock Makhadzi for Mismatched Makeup


‘Orlando Pirates fan’: South Africans Mock Makhadzi for Mismatched Makeup

‘Is Makhadzi an Orlando Pirates fan? Why is she black and white?’ an X user asked after Makhadzi showed off her latest makeup look.

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South African songbird Makhadzi –real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona –has gained both local and international success and is truly a gem. Her voice has wowed millions of people and it looks like her style is finally starting to catch up.

The Ganama hitmaker does, however, suffer a wardrobe and hair and makeup malfunction now and then.


This week, she suffered quite a makeup malfunction and social media users are not letting her live it down. Photos and videos of her mismatched foundation have been circulating online as people discuss her makeup artist’s mishap.


Limpopo-born singer Makhadzi is a force to be reckoned with.

Over the years, she has built herself a beautiful empire that shines even brighter when compared to her very humble beginnings.

While she has a hold on the music thing, her fashion sense hasn’t always been that great, and now her makeup artist has also let her down.

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This week, she shared a video of herself looking absolutely stunning with a fresh weave and professionally applied makeup.

While the glamourous look she was going for was clear, her makeup artist used the wrong shade of foundation resulting in her face appearing shades lighter than the rest of her body.

Take a look at the clip below:

@makhadzimusic♬ Letswai dropping 28.march – Makhadzi Music


Naturally, her followers slid into the comments to slam the makeup artist. They also wondered how her glam team could allow a star as big as her to have such a big malfunction.

Many called on the makeup artist to be fired while some cracked jokes about Makhadzi being an Orlando Pirates supporter because she looked “black and white.”

“Could they not find a shade of foundation that matches her skin tone? Is it hard to get? Not existent? Too expensive?” one person said while another wrote:

“Is Makhadzi an Orlando Pirates fan? Why is she black and white?”

“I love the new teeth; the rest is sabotage” a third added.


Last month, The South African reported how she suffered an unfortunate wig malfunction while performing at a African Nation Congress (ANC) manifesto.

Videos of her wig lifting were shared online as locals discussed how her hair stylist let her down.

Only a short while before that the talented musician suffered a wardrobe malfunction after she requested a Beyonce’-inspired look but instead was given a disastrous outfit by her designer.



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