“Pearl Thusi Claps Back: ‘Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth,’ Slams ‘Haters'”


“Pearl Thusi Claps Back: ‘Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth,’ Slams ‘Haters'”

‘I am going through a lot of emotional damage,’ said South African actress Pearl Thusi in a worrisome video.

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South African media personality Pearl Thusi left social media users feeling both puzzled and annoyed after sharing a video of herself slamming her haters. In a series of now-viral videos, the Queen Sono star advises her fans to ignore anything negative that people have to say about her.

She then goes on to say that haters should keep her name out of their mouth.


After watching the video, many in the comment section commented how the media personality needs a public relations team to help her better manage her image.

Some even accused the star of being an attention-seeker.


South African actress Pearl Thusi has been making headlines for very controversial reasons over the last few months.

Last year, her sheer outfits caused outrage online and then videos of her dressed scantily in the club started making its rounds.

Many scolded her for being a bad example for young women who look up to her.

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Not long after that, she shared a worrisome clip of herself asking for a hug. According to the actress, at the time, she was going through a rough time and could do with some help.

“I don’t usually do this, but to all my friends who know where I live, I am ordering hugs from you, I just need your support cause I am going through a lot of emotional damage right now,” Pearl said.

After an outpour of support from social media users, she claimed that she was just joking — something that irked many.

This year she is once again getting on the wrong side of locals after she headed online with a message for her haters.

In a series of videos, the actress-turned-DJ tells her haters to keep her name out of their mouths. She also advises her loyal fans to pay no attention to these haters.

“I just wanna say, please guys any negative energy about me, please scroll past it and ignore it. Don’t even say anything let them get bored by my name and if you hate me, keep my name out of your mouth. But also enjoy my name while you still can, ’cause it’s a nice name, continue chewing it…”

Take a look at the videos below:


In the comment section, many shared unfortunately slammed the star and called her names.

“She’s the one who should keep quiet at this point.” one person said while another wrote:

“As long it’s on the Internet we not keeping quiet, it is our business.”

Another app user compared her to former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle:

“Pearl reminds me of Meghan Markle, I’ve never seen people get bullied online for no reason like these two. Love you Pearl.”


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