[photos] Is Lady Du the most learned SA celeb?


[photos] Is Lady Du the most learned SA celeb?

‘I take everything I do seriously’: With 19 qualifications and counting, is Lady Du the most learned South African celebrity?

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With an illustrious career spanning years, Lady Du has quickly become the darling of many music lovers. She has wowed the world with smash hits, and her unmatched flair has seen her headlining several events worldwide.

She has undoubtedly managed to remain relevant since her thrust into the limelight.



Despite being one of the most celebrated entertainers, it is a shocker that she is arguably one of the most educated South African artists with over 15 qualifications.

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Yes, Lady Du has 19 qualifications, from anatomy certifications to physiology qualifications.


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Over the years, she has encouraged her fans to value education and often shares her educational qualifications as motivation. In 2021, Lady Du hogged headlines when she revealed her 19 qualifications. She went on to post photos of her academic certificates on Instagram.

However, it hasn’t been all rosy. Lady Du went through it all before archiving this feat. Before finding her feat in the entertainment industry, she used to travel around the world on cruise ships. She also revealed that she was once into logistics.

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However, she once revealed that she invested much into music and education and is now living the dream.

In one of her old Instagram posts, she said, “I take everything I do seriously; you can put me anywhere. I have 19 qualifications, and I’m not just a musician!!!!
I’ve worked with cars, logistics, and the beauty industry.”

She added, “I have a firefighting qualification in health and safety, anatomy and physiology. NOT THE NORMAL ONE, ke mina.”


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