“Politician Extends Job Offer to Penny Ntuli Following Departure from Gagasi FM”

“Politician Extends Job Offer to Penny Ntuli Following Departure from Gagasi FM”

Popular Mzansi radio personality and social media influencer, Penny Ntuli has reportedly been offered a job by ActionSA’s KwaZulu-Natal Premier candidate, Zwakele Mncwango.

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The radio host left Gagasi FM as she was offered a peanut of R2800 per month.

Social media users were enraged with the salary and voiced out against the radio station.

Zwakele who didn’t know Penny offered to help her by giving her a job in the private sector.

“I don’t know Penny, but her story touched me, especially when I saw comments from other politicians disrespecting her. Just seeing the leaders making fun of someone’s sister is not helping. I ask those who know her to ask her to contact me. I have a job for her, it is not related to politics but it’s a good offer. She can start that work with immediate effect in the private sector,” he said.

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“She has not responded which I completely understand because her story aroused a lot of public debate both negative and positive. The reason why I decided to reach out to her was because of the negative comments and people who were rejoicing her downfall,’ he said to Zimoja.

“It would be insensitive of me to discuss that in the media before I speak to her, but all I can say it is a private job in the medical field.”

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