Question and Answers with Gaisang Noge


Question and Answers with Gaisang Noge

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What do you think your superpower is?

I can make people happy. I know how to make people smile and feel warm inside. I bring peace to people — I’m actually a light to many.


What makes you a legend of tomorrow?

I own my craft and put my heart on my sleeve whenever I am on screen. I believe that will be admired and applauded in the near future.

What makes you a cultural disruptor in your industry?

I’m enchanting and resilient.


What three things have you learnt about yourself thus far in the acting industry?

That I’m a fighter, even in my silence. I’m a good discerner of people’s energies, and can look at the positives despite the chaos that might be happening.

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How have you reacted to the backlash about being cast as Naledi in The Wife?

I won’t lie, the comments are quite hurtful. People can’t look past the character that they expected me to be or look like in terms of my body. Growing up, I went through a difficult journey — I was the chubby girl who was just cute.

Take us through that journey?

In tertiary, I lost all the weight, but people who knew me would always throw “skinny” comments at me. Now I’m on TV playing a role people don’t think I fit into because I’m not fat enough. It makes me quite sad, because no matter what you do, you can never satisfy people in how you look.

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What’s that one thing we don’t know about you?

My father is Dosto Noge. He’s best known for being a television presenter on SABC1’s Selimathunzi. He’s such a warm dad and a huge motivation, seeing that I’ve also embarked on an entertainment career, just like him.


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